Time is relative by Saberuneko

Time is relative


19 August 2019 at 18:41:52 MDT

It has been a long way... a long path...

I still fondly remember the old days, more than a decade ago, when I was an eager little unsecure kid, who wanted to become a furry artist, while making a living as an IT tech.

Time has passed, a lot of living along with it too... when I was little, I expected the adult me to be more secure of themself, more emotionally strong, more stable. I actually have worked in the IT field for quite some years by now.

I noticed that, through time, my fursona has quite grown up along with me. In a way, they are looking more adult, grown, (and fluffier, always fluffier! :P)...

Still, after all these years, I may look older and adult now... more experienced... but on the inside, I still am that little, unsecure kid who craves love and affection... my social skills may also have developed a bit, but on the inside, I still am that timid and shy kid, scared of the world around themself, always worried about the future to come...

But, in a way... that inner kid inside me staying alive is what makes me feel... still me.
So hard to explain... just, please be gentle... I may look harder on the surface, but true feelings still exist, and hide within...

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