Bonkers' Big Brother? by SaberRobert

Bonkers' Big Brother?


21 September 2018 at 16:06:31 MDT

I happen to find this guy while watching random Bonkers episodes. I honestly don't know if he's related to Bonkers but I'm just going to assume he is because he looks and sounds like him (except a deeper voice). I don't know if he's made any appearances outside of the 'Goldijitters and the Three Bobcats' short episode. There was also a younger 'brother' but I guess I should say that those two were simply created for the sake of them being in a reimagined parody of Goldielocks.

Anyway, I think it's fairly obvious why I drew him. Big and goofy lookin', the one big toof in his muzzle, the turquoise shirt (a color that I loved as a kid but I seem to have forgotten about it)... Not much more to be said there but enjoy the obscure Bonkers character!