Baby Morton and Baby Larry for MK9 by SaberRobert

Baby Morton and Baby Larry for MK9


10 June 2018 at 09:59:58 MDT

More babies for the Mario Kart series! People complained a lot just because Baby the number of babies in MK8. I've never really cared much for the character roster in a Mario Kart game so it doesnt matter much to me who's in it. Funky Kong is the only one who was annoying to me. But I was shocked and excited when Link was announced as a DLC character. That aside, rosters arent that big of a deal to me. Then Nintendo had a statue of Baby Pink Gold Peach at GCN Baby Park and people got even more upset. Even I thought that was going a bit too far to be fair... Anyway, that inspired me to draw this. I kinda felt like that was giving us a hint that more baby characters were on the way...

Soooo!... that being said, here's Baby Morton and Baby Larry! Baby Koopalings, as they say, CONFIRMED! No doubt for Mario Kart 9 which I think is going to be a Double Dash sequel. As you know, Double Dash is where the whole baby thing began. It should be on the Nintendo Switch so that they can emphasize on your ability to "SWITCH" characters. Ya know? =D

Drawn in Art Academy Home Studio. I REALLY need to draw my favorite Koopaling, Morton, more. There's not enough art of this guy.