Blitzy Bun by SaaraBlitz

Blitzy Bun


1 April 2015 at 08:42:33 MDT

I've transformed into a bunny for Easter! :O lol

Anyway, yeah I thought it would be fun to draw Blitzy as a rabbit for Easter. Partly did it for fun, and partly did it as a little gifty for panzerdvsn. <3
I'm posting this a few days early, because I'm going to a convention starting later tomorrow, and I wont be home all weekend, so I'm not sure how much art I can work on or if I would even be able to post anything. ^^; Anyway, here's a dumb little Easter themed pin up!

(Please keep comments respectful and tasteful! Just because I drew something suggestive is NOT an invitation for you to say flirty or sexual things to me. Plus you may anger my handsome G-shep beast. He's territorial, so I recommend you watch what y'all say. >:3)

Art and Blitzy © saarablitz


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    The egg thumbnails on this site made this the perfect icon. ;)
    Very cute!
    Happy Easter to you as well. :D

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      Oh... which convention? Forgot to ask.... XP

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        And I am going to BabsCon in San Francisco, it's a large brony con. ^^ (It'll be my first Brony convention so it's gonna be a new experience for me. XD)

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      Thank you so much! And yeah it was perfect timing! I woke up and saw that and knew it would be a perfect match with this drawing. XD
      And happy easter to you!