Furry Jace by SaaraBlitz

Furry Jace


9 March 2016 at 23:15:19 MST

Been wanting to design an alternate version of my vampire OC Jace, or a "fursona" for him. XD Kind of an "alternate universe" type thing lol. In this "AU" he'd be a vampire bat (harr dee harr) and have a much different personality. Much more malevolent. Not really "evil" but not exactly good, as opposed to his good, original "human" self. : P

I have been making up this design in my head for a few months now, and it's still a rough idea. (Mostly just need to design on how to have his wings, and that's about it) He's an albino vampire bat, but has the muzzle of a fruit bat, since I prefer their faces over "flat/smushed" vampire bat faces. ^^

While I'm REALLY not comfortable as cosplaying male characters at all, I would really love to get a fursuit to wear of this someday!

Anyway yuss, my boy Jace as a furry lmao.

Art and character © saarablitz