Badge Commission: Muffet by SaaraBlitz

Badge Commission: Muffet


17 December 2015 at 20:27:30 MST

Badge commission for Sparky, of the Undertale character Muffet! I'm not into Undertale myself (yet at least) nor do I know much about it, but this was a good time to work on! The character is just adorable. ^^

Muffet © Toby Fox/Undertale

Art © saarablitz


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    Very cute! <3 You draw a fine anthro-spider girl, Blitz! ;) Such a classy outfit. :D
    Also just a small word of advice if you decide to give Undertale a try: keep a box of tissues handy. :'3

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      Thank you so much ahhh! It was good practice drawing an insect for once! XD

      And I might consider it! Thank you for the advice haha!

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    Loving it, a fine job!