Blitzy Pinup by SaaraBlitz

Blitzy Pinup


12 December 2015 at 12:28:59 MST

Drew a new pin up of Blitzy as a gift for my man panzerdvsn. Hope you like it love. <3

I think Blitzy turned out looking a bit too tall in this, as she's really quite short/small. >.< But oh well, it was good anatomy practice.

Please keep gross/creepy comments to yourselves please, thank you!

Art and character © saarablitz


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    Nice job, Blitz! :D So... did Axle faint upon seeing her? ;P lol
    I love how you always draw your 'sona's tail so fluffy and curly-cued. :3 Very cute! Y'all did a fine job with her hair as well. interesting lingerie design... all lacy and rosy. Groovy! :)
    Quick question for curiosity's sake: did you settle on a pin-up reference of some kind (magazine photo, Victoria's Secret ad, Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover, etc.) to capture her stance or did you actually stand in front of a mirror to grasp a visual sense of how to convey such a pose? If that's too personal, you can kindly avoid the question altogether... just thought I'd ask! 83
    You've also done well on the shading... accurately portrayed, Blitzy! Nice work, girl... nice work all around. :)

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      Thank you so much! Axle did enjoy it very much heh heh. XD

      And no I actually SURPRISINGLY used NO reference for this, nor myself as one! I like to practice anatomy without references most of the time, since I like to try and understand it on my own. Usually I'll only look at references of the human body so I can understand the bone and muscle structure alone, but then I apply that to what pose(s) I can see in my head. ^^ I'll also sometimes do the pose myself, but I don't stand in front of a mirror or anything. I'll also sometimes do a pose myself before drawing it, so I can get a feel for what the bones and muscles are doing and how they work in that pose, and that really helps! I'll only ever use references for poses if a commissioner asks me to. C: I was really surprised with how well this one turned out for something that had no visual reference. XD

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        That is amazing! 8D
        What a fond surprise for you, indeed... your shiba-'sona really did turn out marvelously well-toned, even with a total lack of outside visual reference. Damn fine work, Blitzy! You should be proud. (pats back) ;)