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Ryshili's Fursuit in the makes by Ryshili (critique requested)

Ryshili's Fursuit in the makes (critique requested)


22 January 2014 at 14:23:08 MST

Full image:

Debuted: FurtherConfusion 2014

Components and features

Everything was made by me except:

*Big Feline Resin Base
*Big Feline Silicon Tongue
*Big Feline Nose
*Big Feline Jawset
*White LEDs / Fan]]

*Long pile black shag
*Tipped red black fur
*Long pile grey
*Short pile black

1 1/2" Acryllic Handpainted eyes (LEDs shine behind them)- Accidentally made them "Follow me"
Tearducts are covered by chiffon (the vision is actually quite good)
Lips, Eye ducts/lids, nose area and scar made from black Apoxy Sculpt
Ears made on 3cm closed cell foam
Whiskers made from fishing line.
Jaw moves with hinges and springs
Wig is Dark Red long from Epic Cosplay - I had to cut it up, it was traumatizing
(Inside is padded by foam, head is kept on by elastic bands)

Feet are made with foam and fur on 8 1/2 W shoes - claws are from transparent sculpy
Tail band made from shiny gold pleather
Tail is held up by buckles for the belt.
Arm sleeves held by elastic around upper arm
Handpaws made pretty crappily and I want to redo

Let me tell you. I had no idea what I was doing, and this by far was the hardest thing I have ever done. I messed up ALOT and had to redo, recut out, reglue, etc. I looked up tons of tutorials, watched alot of videos and just looked at other fursuits online (and one at a meetup! and asked questions). I've been wanting to make one ever since 2008 (or maybe alil before) so I'm happy to have finally done so and now shouldn't spend a dime on anything else for a while.

I wanted to give up plenty of the time haha. I made this within 6 weeks of Further Confusion along with still having to work and have a life... and the holidays.
I /do not/ recommend ever doing that, give yourself time. You'll thank yourself and your body won't revolt against you with falling sick or headaches or anything else.

I will be making a body suit alil later on. Digigrade legs, but also two-piece in case I just want to wear the top or just the bottom for full wearing customization.
I hope to be able to figure out blinking eyelids as well as moving ears, as that's something I'd love to add in the future.

Submission Information

Visual / Sewing / Knitting


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    It's really nice in person! :D

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      You're too sweet. lick <3
      I already need to do repairs on it and fix up some things cry.

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        I'm just being honest! <3