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NexGen - Yuki Kuchiki


22 May 2016 at 13:00:59 MDT

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I decided that i would start drawing/sketching ryoko and byakuya's kids more since they need more attention and character development.

Name: Yuki Kuchiki
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Parents: Ryoko Kiyoshima, Byakuya Kuchiki
Special Talent: Cooking, Making Stars, Able to Manipulate Ice/Snow at will ( Genetic Trait from her mother ), Singing, Dancing
Occupation: 6th daughter of the Kuchiki Clan, Assistant to her Father Byakuya
Nickname(s): Snowball
Personality/Background: Assertive, Level-Headed, Yuki has a silent cold personality similar to her father only she can be very sweet once you get past her coldness, Like her dad yuki prefers to listen to the rules and does not tolerate rule breakers and will often punish her siblings if they get out of line :nod: Unlike some of her siblings yuki does not seems interested in finding love . She is often getting hit on by guys and sent love notes but she doesn't seem to pay attention to any of her suitors as says she would rather focus on her future/career then worry about running after a man.

And that's all the information i have on Yuki for now :)

Yuki & Art @ RyoKyu

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