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Marko T. Rat by Ryngs

Marko T. Rat


13 May 2015 at 08:50:44 MDT

Conbadge for Marko T. Rat

Not sure what to say about this one... Took 4 hours, had little to no problems once I got started on this one. I am pleased with the out come. I like it when when a commission goes smoothly, so I enjoyed it. Really, not much else to tell about this one.

Media: Mixed Media n Bristol
Size: 3" x 4"
Date: 2015

Enjoy [Grin]

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Visual / Traditional


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    Wow, so lovely! And I love that you use traditional media! <3

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      Thank you, and traditional media is all I use. [Grin]

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    I love how you were able to keep the whiskers on model but still be naturalistic, as is your style. I think in Weasyl there's a way to offer that to me as a collection. On the right there is a field called "Send Collection Offer". I think it lets me show it in my timeline but still link back to you.

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      Thank you and you are welcome and sure [Grin]

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        Thank you! Now I just have to work out how to "accept" it! I know there's a way!

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    Nice detail work!

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      Thank you [Bows]

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    Excellent work! I do love your rat renditions, as you might suspect ;)

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      I would have never guessed [Wink]