Sending Spirits (WIP) by Ryngs

Sending Spirits (WIP)


20 October 2017 at 21:25:33 MDT

Just a little proof I am working on commissions. This is a WIP. I had to pause this one & work on the one I can't share. Now back to it.

Sorry for lack of content as of late. It has been a strange and wild past 2 months. I got a lot of irons in the fire, and more are being added.

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    Beautiful painting! Good to see you are still around and kicking. Been keeping up on your Facebook posts and journals.

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      I am in a weird middle ground place right now. Unfortunately I am so busy and indecisive to fully devote my time to transitioning my name and icons. As I said in my Journal, it will have no affect on my art, and business. Other then if I change names, I will lose followers, and hurt my "Brand" as an artist.

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        Its a very difficult and risky ting to change your name/brand after its been settled in for years. was a bit tricky for me to go from following you as StickyPawz to Ryngs... now from Ryngs to (?) would be tough for others to wanna catch that or keep hopping around to keep up with you. Another artist did that a LOT on Fa and it irritated folks. but you got to go with what is best for YOU.

        I don't really feel Sir Kain in me anymore, but like you with Ryngs, I have a 'brand', a name gone by since 1989 online (not just furry). so to drop it and use something else is near impossible.

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          Yep... I am thinking about keeping 2 accounts and posting in both, but one will be used more for journals, and maybe posting fursuits and if I ever do it nsfw content.

          But going back and forth seems a pain. Still processing the best way to do it.