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Slag Pansy Flower by Ryeesa

Slag Pansy Flower


10 April 2013 at 19:07:01 MDT

Hee, one of the neatest ideas Iv had in a while c:

This is a piece of slag from a sub-arc welding machine. This stuff is usually discarded but little ol me had the crazy idea to paint some pretties on it xD I always admired the metallic stain-glass look of it ♥

It is HIGHLY fragile and as it was cooling started to break and fall apart :/ we (instructor and I) glue it back together with wat was on hand... hot glue. Not really desirable cause it leaves messy ridges but it worked :T Since then I have found out that super glue works great! and doesn't hardly show \o/

This is not for sale. I am possibly going to give this to them tomorrow... (Thursday) as a gift. But as this is the first time Iv ever painted on something so cool, Id kinda like to keep it xD We'll see, hehe.

Measures 2.5" diameter and took 4hrs c:


Curious, what do you guys think about this kind of arts? Should I offer some sale pieces? Would anyone be interested in purchasing it one?? o: I would have to make them a little more pricier as they are extremely fragile and are trixy to make without shattering them to pieces x3 I also cannot guarantee that they would not shatter if dropped or handled rouphly but I will make all efforts to give a thick layer of varnish to give them extra support.

Lemme know guys/gals! ♥

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    Just have it to my instructor this morning, he Loved it ^^ eee

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      Gave lol dang autocorrect x3

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    So awesme and pretty :D