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Updated Commission Price Sheet by Runzi333

Updated Commission Price Sheet


18 July 2017 at 22:21:36 MDT

Hello all! I am opening for even more types of commissions! These are a few examples but others are in my gallery!

My prices are in the above image and on my homepage but I'll put them down here too! I'll include some I don't have examples of currently as well.

Badges (lower price for lack of recent examples, Sorry!)
Color Bust $ 10.00
Color full$ 15.00

Digital art:
Flat color (bust) $ 15.00
Flat color (full body) $ 21.00

line art (bust) $ 12.00
line art (full body) $ 18.00

add Shading (cell) +$ 6.00
add Shading (soft) +$ 6.00

Pony vectors
One character pony vector $ 9.00
add additional characters (up to three) +$ 6.00
add simple background +$ 3.00

Bust $ 6.00
Bust (colored) $ 9.00
Full body $ 9.00
Full body (colored) $ 12.00

I don't take point commissions currently, Sorry!