Long Drive: Black and White by runtytiger

Long Drive: Black and White


23 August 2018 at 17:47:28 MDT

Full Title: Long Drive (Back home? I dunno.... Life is the Journey I guess...)
You would think that you would have life figured out when you hit your 20s, or 30s right? That things will make sense and your way would be clearer the older you get. But it seems like there are lots of pot holes and detours on your way. And sometimes I wonder if my parents really had things figured out as well.

Also, Define: Home.

But... I am thankful for having safe ports and light houses in my life whenever I go back back to my parents' house, or meeting up with friends, those really wonderful guiding stars and lights in my life that light and guide me on my own journey.

I still do not know where I am going, but I do not regret my journey and enjoying the scenery along the way.

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    As someone at least ten years older... I'm STILL figuring myself out. And nothing helps more than a cross-country drive. :)

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      Hi Coyttl, chuckles it's a relief to hear that. I feel so pressured to have to be someone or reach somewhere by a certain age... and I really appreciate your photographic gallery of your own journey (and they are really nice shots too with nice lighting).