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Tales From The Co-Op Issue 1 by Runtt

Tales From The Co-Op Issue 1


Awhile back I wrote a story commission for fur named Tails1988, about his character, Alex, out on his own and ready to explore his horizons. I showed it to my publisher and he said it should be printed. I thought, why not convert it into a script and do a spin-off comic. He liked the idea and "Tales From The Co-Op" was born. In issue 1, "Freedom" part 1, we follow Alex on his first night in lower Manhattan, looking for a good time. He stumbles upon a small night club where Beige's little drag show is performing. A determined Alex wants in.

The series will feature background characters and sometimes the main characters of the parent series.

Stories that involve them, but don't have anything to do with the main story's progression.

From left to right: Alex the fox, Beige the rabbit and Charles the lynx.

For this particular issue, I called upon Rika to do the art. It was her first publication and I think she did really well.

Part 2 of the story is still in the works.

Alex copyright Tails1988

All other characters copyright Runtt.

Art Copyright Rika.

Publishing is Rabbit Valley.

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