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Frame and Flower + Speedpaint by Rumby

Frame and Flower + Speedpaint


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Drawn July 9, 2017

My muse told me I should draw more Ballroom e Youkoso fanart but amg this took long to draw because poses are hard and was trying to find refs of the character colors which found here lol

I think Mako-chan has more layers to the skirt of her dress but the idea was yellow roses coming out of her skirt anyhow like coming out of the picture frame feel, but yellow blinds me right now amg the brightness!!

Also thinks it'd be cute to do a series of each couple? But I have no clue I'm up for that as I'm already just happy with just finishing this one. However got to say I always enjoyed drawing couples it seems there's more life than just having one character in the art to be really honest lol

And yess I pretty much drew their held hands position wrong and other errors, but poses are hard ok LOL

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