Starlight: Red ❤️ & Blue 💙 Rufi + Speedpaint by Rumby

Starlight: Red ❤️ & Blue 💙 Rufi + Speedpaint


24 April 2019 at 17:03:29 MDT

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TH  ♥

Drawn January 1, 2019
One of my first pieces for this 2019 year!

So if you have watched me for a while, I like pairing contrasting colors like Red and Blue in my art, a few of my couples are like red and blue like  Enji  + Ryder Knight;  akane & kyou 

I remember loving the red and blue colors in my old work........along with her straight hair. It felt stylish and sharp at the same time.  But my jewelry designs were not that great back then, I think I definitely improved at designing nowadays with creating adopts lol, so maybe I'll come up with a fancy outfit for her~

Also you can see the 10 year comparison in my youtube video linked above or later when I post the meme for it ^^


 I sort of feel lazy posting art...Like I do post daily on my adopt account so posting art on here is like extra which I tend to forget about >.<"
However I do appreciate the watchers who have stuck around with me so long and hopefully can find motivating in uploading works.

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