Atedarian Saga: Falling Plumage by Rumby

Atedarian Saga: Falling Plumage


3 April 2019 at 20:43:05 MDT

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Toyhouse ♥

Drawn January 20, 2019 
Here is Dean to count part of my effort to draw more guys as part of this year's resolution
& cuz I heard some followers were interested in seeing more of him~ 

There's somewhat hesitation when it comes to drawing guys since I think followers would rather see girls from me so LOL But no worries I got ton of gals in my stash so y'all will see it in due time~

But I learned from, this style doesn't suit the image I envision Dean.. I like his older works art which have simpler shading, so hopefully remember to go back to that style for him. lol
But multi-color shading was fun~

And sldfj;s idk what to name this it sounds fancy enough 

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