Heirloom Unicorn Destiny - Nylia by Rumby

Heirloom Unicorn Destiny - Nylia


28 March 2019 at 16:14:29 MDT

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Toyhouse ♥   https://toyhou.se/1244520.ailyn/1244847.nylia

Drawn June 30, 2017
So this is Ailyn's like older and illusion alternate form, as part of her story she tries to get revenge and transforms from a sweet naive girl to a distrustful lady after being betrayed.
Nylia is her alias she takes while she is transformed ( if you guys noticed it's her name backwards lol )

I got lazy with her outfit tbh.
But has another butterfly themed outfit that I probably will give to her if I manage to motivate myself and find time to color it XD Has a lot of art lately that I want to finish but pushing it off cuz not enough time ;u;

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