Heirloom Unicorn Destiny - Ailyn by Rumby

Heirloom Unicorn Destiny - Ailyn


13 March 2019 at 16:25:18 MDT

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Species:  Heirlooms
Heirloom item : Pendant
Heirloom Type: Charm
Drawn June 25-27, 2017

So if you follow me and my friend on our adopt account, you probably noticed we have been in an unicorn craze for few months hahaha; it's not extremely obvious though I think? But we do have tendencies to be in long phases of hype when we get them. Last year it was halloween from a month before halloween all the way into winter so damnnn LOL

So rumby realized she technically doesn't have a unicorn (she has a unicorn destiny dragon but that is a dragon not exactly a unicorn) and she made a gaia avi that is similar to the pink pastel unicorn here.  I decided to create her as a heirloom and give her an opposing villian lover since I have a hero x villian story in mind.

Unlike my gaia avi, took out the glasses on the girly, gave her ears and gave her a different outfit with flowers and bows oh yeah~~ she is a precious babu now.

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