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Star Light: Celebration Cheers + Speedpaint by Rumby

Star Light: Celebration Cheers + Speedpaint


18 March 2018 at 16:33:24 MDT

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Drawn January 15-6, 2018

So I had this idea to draw Akane and Kyou drinking on a balcony at night, and then was like might as well draw Akane in a pretty red gown. I couldn't really decide what Kyou would wear, I'd put him in like dark blue but then felt it would blend too much into the night sky, and bright blue and pastel blue didn't feel quite right so just put him in a black suit lol

It felt very fitting for their drama wrap-up party celebration which I wanted to add in the story, but then I was like let's add fireworks LOL so now it's like a new years drinking party thing~  And originally I just wanted them doing a cheer like clinging glasses but ended up being like almost ready to drink like couple drinking~

 Sai froze a lot while I working on the background so I ended up cutting the recording

But I'm happy some of you guys like Akane despite her being one of my simpler older characters and want to see more of her.</span

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