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27 February 2014 at 14:07:47 MST

At last! I feel comfortable making an announcement about this thing, with the cover finished.

INSTINCT, the project I've been keeping semi-secret for the past few months, is an idea pitched at me by my publishers some time back, that I've only recently felt I was ready for. Namely, an adult art book!

My goal in setting out to put this thing together was to create an art book, or 'folio', as many folks call them, that focused more on the aesthetic than the strictly pornographic end of adult anthropomorphic artwork. I feel like adult artwork is often passed over as simply 'porn', when there are in fact many of us anthro artists who focus on the craft behind it, and really seek to create something beautiful, not just something that'll make you tingle. (Although that's always good, too ;)

This folio contains 60 of my best pieces of adult anthropomorphic artwork, created over the last four years of my career in the arts. I chose each piece based on whether or not I felt it represented my skill, or a stride I made in some aspect of my craft. The folio contains artwork I've posted online and a few pieces that have never before been posted anywhere. There are even two book-exclusives. . . namely two pieces that until now, have never been posted ANYWHERE. Including the un-loin-clothed version of the above piece ;)

If all goes well, this folio should be available at Furry Weekend Atlanta in a month, and we'll open for online orders shortly afterwards. It is being printed by the wonderful folks at Furplanet, and should be somewhere in the neighborhood of $25.

It's important to note that this is also a bit of a test run for something larger I have in the works. . . namely a General-themed artbook, but that is a FAR larger and more work-intensive project, which will include tutorials and WIPs. I don't feel like I'm ready to put that art book out yet, being as it focuses somewhat on instruction, and that's something I really would like to ensure I do properly. It will require a lot of production time, and perhaps a bit more learning and practice in developing my skills.

This one's just for enjoyment's sake, though, so. . . I hope you'll all do just that :)

More info once we have it!

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    If you have this at FWA, I'll likely get a copy. For reasons.

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    Very cool!

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    I'll have to snag one when you release online.

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    Love to see more adult art that focuses on presenting aesthetic beauty and sex appeal.

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    Wow, this sounds like a great idea! Hopefully, the general book will also get the greenlight.