Poodlehawk by Ruggy



6 March 2014 at 19:15:32 MST

Alternate Title: Gorgo as a dog. Woman. Thing. (... Not quite as snappy.)

Doing some personal art in-between big ol' projects for other folks.

Straight-up "what kind of animal would I pick for a straight-up me-as-an-animal fursona" drawing, I guess. If I were going to be any animal-person, I'd probably be one that's annoyed at the amount of personal upkeep required. And poodles have a tendency towards bad knees, allergies, and stomach problems, and that's me all over.

Plus, it'd be keen to not actually have to bleach my hair first to dye it ridiculous colors. Bleaching's a pain.

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    Looks great!

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      Thank you! :3

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    Reminds me it's time to get my hair turned back into blonde tiger stripes again! Also more art from you, always a good thing.

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      Do iiiit. Weird hair is best hair.

      I need to figure out a method of bleaching my roots that doesn't involve... paying someone to bleach my roots. P:

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    poodles are fantastic.

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      I agreeeee. Poodles are best dogs, and I am in no way biased whatsoever.*

      • This is a lie. Poodles are still great though.
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    Bleaching is totally a pain x_x I've had my hair pink for a while now, and... I have so much hair that my friends are all fed up with helping me bleach and dye it every couple of months, ahaha.

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      I feel that! Thankfully I favor short haircuts, which makes it possible to do it myself, but even with the short hair there's still so much there to bleach. By the time I get to the back of my head, the bleach has been sitting on the front of my head for an hour already and my poor hair hates it.

      Lately I've just been having someone do it for me, when I can afford it. :P Found someone in downtown Dallas that actually has bright colors on hand too so it's a one-stop shop for bleach and color.

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        Oh god, I can't afford to have an actual stylist do my hair x_x The estimate that I got was upwards of $150 - and I don't know any salon around here that also keeps the fun, bright colours on hand! Not ever having coloured my hair before, I asked if they would use a dye that I brought in... apparently, they don't, unfortunately.

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          Oh gosh, is your hair long or something? Mine charges $80 for a full cut and color but even then I don't think it's based on length. (Which is still pricey and I go a good 4-5 months without doing my hair, especially after the medical bills hit, oi.)

          Man, that's weird. Even the last lady I went to was happy to put dye in my hair if I brought it in, because she didn't have the fun colors. (Not enough demand for it in this sweet li'l old southern lady's parlor, I guess.)

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            My hair goes down to almost the bottom of my ribs now. ^^; Another place might charge less than where I looked at; this one was by length. I have been meaning to cut it, at least to get the split ends off, but I have no idea what I want, so... I keep putting it off.

            Oh man, I only go 2-3 months before I redo it! Fortunately, at that point just the roots need to be bleached, so that's not as bad - but the allover colour is so hard x_x Takes nearly three boxes.

            Before I started colouring my hair, its natural colour was this brunette/dirty blonde that had lots of natural colouration from the sun (and got darker in winter). The salon shop ladies didn't believe me at first when I told them I had virgin hair. xD So anyway, my hair was always a lot lighter than its "natural" colour - which I didn't know until I bleached + coloured and the roots started growing in. I was like, "Why is it so dark??!"

            Ooh, maybe I should look around and try to find a salon that might allow outside colours - perhaps one that isn't part of a chain.