TFF Art Jam doodles by Ruggy

TFF Art Jam doodles


24 February 2014 at 00:38:09 MST

Apparently, when incredibly tired, I default to 'sexy ladies looking off into the distance' when drawing. Useful to know.

Doodles I done did while at the art jam at TFF. It was fun. :3

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    How did you get so good with facial anatomy, seriously? You're of the few artists who just seems to "get" how to anthropomorphize almost every species of animal you touch. It's really something else. I can't wait to commission you a bunch someday, if you do it.

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      Aaa gosh blush. :3 I'm going to take a look at opening that kind of thing come March, actually.

      A lot of practice, pretty much! Back in my days of trawling around for internet drama, one of the most common criticisms I came across of furry comics was, "Why does every species this guy draws look the same as everything else" so I have done my best to make sure my foxes are distinct from my wolves, my mustelids look like mustelids, my lions are definitely lions and not tigers, and so on.

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        It really shows, and I don't give these compliments out lightly or often. I seriously think a ton of artists could learn from what you've done; hell, if I ever start drawing I might bug you for some pointers. Everything is really distinct and looks how it really should, not that I'm saying stylized is bad; just, it's so nice to see this. I need more art from you. xD

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          I am grinning IRL right now, just fyi. P:

          And I'd be happy to give pointers, though I don't know how much beyond 'well, just look at it, look at the shaaapes' they'd go. P: Though I do usually start with drawing the head as realistically as I can and stylizing once I've got a hang of how the head is built, I 100% did not do that with the otter (never drawn one before, was working off a picture on someone's phone) and she still turned out okay, so uh. I dunno! In general starting realistic and working backwards works well for me, though.

          One exercise I find interesting is drawing a non-Furry animal face and trying to draw it with as much personality as I can without giving it eyebrows or squishing its face around too much. (Well, I don't know if it's an exercise so much as something I just tend to do because it's fun, but maybe it's helped?)

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            I'm glad. :)

            Haha, well, if I can't manage it, at least I'll know people who can!