Jag by RufftuffRabbit (critique requested)

Jag (critique requested)


24 January 2014 at 19:54:27 MST

Evening colouration of my character Jag. I don't draw her enough, Maybe i'll draw her shedding next time

**Jag is completely owned by me and is posted throughout my FurAffinity, deviantART, Weasyl and Tumblr accounts. If this character or design is seen anywhere else under a different name, then it has been stolen.

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    Jag is a very interesting character. I am under the belief that one simply cannot go wrong when it comes to glowiness! I would suggest incorporating the blue glow color into the skin highlights. Any source of light that strong gets both absorbed and refracted by skin so having some of the color show up in the highlights of the skin even if lightly would help it feel more realistic.

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      Aaaah thank you! I see what you're getting at, I didn't have enough reflective lighting going on here. She kind of has a matte-ish rubbery (i'm not sure if that makes sense, sort of like a velvet but rubber?) kind of skin because of her shedding, but would that still reflect light or would it be absorbed?
      Thanks so much for the feedback, I appreciate it!

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        If she's kind of a matte skin then it would reflect less, but it would still reflect some. It won't be a glossy reflection like rubber would, but a spread out less vibrate highlight. I'd experiment. It would just maybe add an extra bit of depth having the light she's casting show in her body.