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10 Questions - Feel Free to do this!

on 21 July 2014 at 22:38:15 MDT

Stolen from Apothecary:

This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this… it was kinda fun, though a little time-consuming – I’m late for bed!!!

10 QUESTIONS - Feel free to do this!
1) Each person has to share 10 things about them.
2) Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3) Choose 10 people to tag.


1) I'm very socially awkward and shy, but I seem to be able to get along well with almost anyone.

2) I love flashlights. I recently started a collection, and now own around 20 flashlights from the 1920s-50s alone! I also really like new-age tactical flashlights like Surefire, LEDLENSER, Smith and Wesson, etc. Anything in between antique and fancy/new tactical I don't really care for too much. I like how Maglites look and feel, but they haven't been very reliable for me. LEDLENSER is my current favorite for reliability and useful features, though I wish they made a model with a serrated bezel for self defense.

3) I am a certified Pistol Safety Instructor, and enjoy target shooting with a wide variety of firearms in my collection. I do not hunt.

4) I love Jeeps! When I learned to drive, I logged the majority of my 50 required driving hours off-road in the San Juan mountains in Colorado over the span of a week. I purchased a 1987 Jeep Wrangler as my first car at 17, and have been slowly fixing it up ever since. I also own a 2008 Jeep Patriot as my daily driver since my Wrangler isn't technically street-legal. Everyone in my family (except one brother) owns a Wrangler!

5) I used to be a musician! I say "used to" because I don't play much anymore, although I wish I did. I can play Piano, Guitar (6 & 12 string), French Horn, Mellophone, and Trombone. (By proxy, I can also play trumpet and baritone/euphonium). I'm saving up for a chromatic accordion, because I've always wanted to learn to play one, and it looks like a load of fun!

6) I want to learn to draw, but I don't have the patience or self-confidence to do it. I currently draw at the level of a 5-year old. Due to this unfortunate inability to learn to draw, I LOVE commissioning artists.

7) I am the bindery and mailing supervisor at a print shop, and have been working there for going on 8 years. You know all that junk mail that ends up in your mail box every day? Yeah, that's me. Sorry, but it pays the bills! Also, a lot of work goes into that, so can you at least TRY to look at it before you throw it all away? Just kidding, I know I never do!

8) I worked as a professional video editor for a few years. It was actually pretty fun, but editing home videos for people got tiresome... I think I could really enjoy it if I got to work with more interesting footage.

9) I'm a computer nerd. I set up my first linux server when I was in high school, and 'enjoy' networking linux, PC, and macs together, setting up samba shares, configuring FTP and music servers, etc. I have almost repaired at least one of every one of my coworkers' personal computers (plus lots of friends' and family's!), and have the unofficial title of "IT GUY"/"Computer Guru". At work, I also manage our print, file, and exchange servers. I also have quite a bit of experience setting up security camera systems!

10) I'm an audiophile. FLAC, head-amp, $1200 custom-fit JH-16pro in-ear monitors, vinyl, custom-built loudspeakers and tube-amp mono-blocks!? You bet. (Except for that last one, I'm not MADE OF MONEY, you know... although some day I would love to own some mono-blocks!)

ANSWER Apothecary's 10 QUESTIONS

1) What's your favorite thing to draw and why?

I can’t draw, yo! But if I could, I’d probably really enjoy drawing huge monsters and dragons and gryphons and the like, because, Helllooo!? Awesome!

2) What gives you the biggest boost of inspiration?

I have difficulty finding inspiration. I don’t really like borrowing off other people’s ideas, so I get frustrated when I can’t come up with my own. I can get in a groove and be creative on rare occasions, but it usually takes me a long time to get there. I find most of the time when inspiration hits, it’s when I’m in the shower.

3) What is your favorite season? And least favorite?

I like autumn. There’s just an energy in the air that is unlike any other time of the year, and I love it. I hate Spring, because it’s always SUPER windy here, freezing cold in the morning, and yet you have to use the AC in the afternoon. It’s just all-around annoying!

4) Are there any places you'd like to visit?

I would love to go to Canada. I kind of want to want to go to Australia, but I don’t like their creepy crawlies and it’s a LONG and EXPENSIVE flight. I also have friends in Europe I’d like to visit someday, specifically England and Hungary.

5) Do you have any original character designs that you relate to? If not, do you have any favorite characters that you relate to?

My fursona, Ruff, IS me. Or, I guess he’s how I’d like to be. Carefree, fun, and not afraid to be himself. In real life I am way too worried about others judging me, so Ruff’s free spirited damned-if-I-care attitude is something I am rather jealous of. But otherwise, we’re the same in MANY aspects.

6) What is your favorite movie?

Gosh, this is a hard one. I always used to say Jurassic Park, because come on – awesome dinosaurs! I love Sahara just because of Al Giordino, played by Steve Zahn. Jeez, his character just CRACKS ME UP. It’s the facial expressions. Star wars (IV, V, and VI) had a huge impact on me as a kid… so they’re definitely up there. So yeah. Good question, bad answer. (if you can even call that an answer)

7) Is there any particular skill or ability you wish you had?
I want to DRAW DANGIT!

8) Pick one of your favorite songs and say why you like it!

Eli the Barrow Boy, by The Decemberists. I don’t know why I like that song, I can’t explain it. It’s a depressing dirge of a song, and I love it. There’s just so much heart and emotion in it. I also really like The Past and the Pending, by The Shins. Maybe I just have a melancholy personality.

9) What colors do you find aesthetically pleasing together?

I love red and yellow – ketchup and mustard. Don’t know why, just do.

10) Is there any character that you would love to see in a video game that is not in one?

Can we go the other way around? I’d love to see Spyro or Dingodile end up in the Regular Show, or maybe in my next Stephen King novel, or an Atomic Robo comic… DERP.


1) If you had to live either by the ocean or in the mountains, but NOT both, which would you chose and why?
2) What’s your favorite thing to do on a camping trip, and if you haven’t been camping, why the heck not!?
3) Do you play any musical instruments, or is there an instrument you would like to learn to play?
4) Who is your favorite literary character and what about them is so appealing?
5) Did you attend an institute of higher education, and if so, what did you study? If not, and you could attend for FREE, what WOULD you study?
6) What is your favorite art subject and medium? (ie landscapes, anthro/feral animals, fantasy; digital art, oil paintings, sculptures, etc.)
7) Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?
8) Do you have a brand that you feel very loyal to?
9) What is your favorite animal? (real or fictitious)
10) You’re home alone and decide to crash on the couch to watch some cartoons. What do you pick?


But I don't know 10 people! ;.;
Haha, kidding, but if anyone wants to do it, be my guest!

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