RU AT WORK by RUdragon



26 December 2012 at 19:27:51 MST

YESSSSSS finlly got this one down been planing this pic for 8 mounths and finlly got around to it!so i wanted to make another FISHEYE pic one becose im kinda of known by it making fisheye and the last pic "after a long day drawing fin" pic i made of him resting from working.


i wanted to make one of him working. and to the side RUz room mates MAKO,SIOOVEV

and ROOY. all playing one RUz game station. this is also going to be my new STREAM TAG. i see a lot of stram tags out there but i wanted to be diffrent from all of them, well making a over done stream tag. so if you ever see it you know im streaming.

also to point out yes this is RUz room here, sharks and all. man RU dose like his sharks. lol

working to this>>>


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    so cute!!! I love it