toxic punk furry DRA-UNA by RUdragon

toxic punk furry DRA-UNA


5 November 2012 at 23:33:26 MST

well its done^^ i took a little more time on this pic and added a backgrourd. and this is some new pepz im going to add in DRA-UNA still thinking what roll the will play, be it will for shar'e be a awesome one^^ if you look real hard you can see kinzu face in im the mask^^ well i hope you all like it^^

if you dont know what DRA-UNA is this is it>>>>

something a bit difrount from my cute work, i have not made much cool awesome work lately~,~ well i need to do more COOL work.

PS. ill try to get more work up this week^^

the line work>>>

and working to this>>>>


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    HOLY CRAP!!!! This is amazing!! I love it :D