Rajani and Silvanus by Ruchiel

Rajani and Silvanus


18 February 2018 at 01:41:23 MST

I'd like to introduce you new characters - Rajani and Silvanus. Both are demigods and they were created of several star signs.

Rajani is pretty young, because she was created just few days ago as small suprise for my girlfriend. And she is created from:
♦ Scorpio (skin on upper body and tail) - main star sign
♦ Taurus (horns, few features over whole body and face) - star sign of her alter ego Ruby
♦ Aries (also horns and parts on whole body/face) - star sign of her second very favorite character from our role play - vampire Serafina. She become also very important person in whole RP story.

Silvanus lives around my art quite long time. I drawn some first sketches +/- two years ago. But from that time it seems impossible to do some more detailed picture of him. Yeah at last I did something, but here you can see his "more human" look.
He was created from few "elements" belongs to my alter ego vampire Richard and his favorite place is Hoia forest in Romania.
♦ Capricorn ("half" of head, horns) - his star sign
♦ Boar (nose, ears, few other features on whole body, metal element ) - his chinesse sign. Well, actually "pig", but he is much wilder than just pig.
♦ Scorpio (tail, some skin on back) - his ascendent

And I got idea about creatures/demigods like those two only thank to Sabnach: https://www.weasyl.com/~ruchiel/submissions/1440809/the-god-of-black-sun
He was the very first attempt and he is combination of my own elements. But unlike Rajani and Silvanus he is more demon than fair demigod.

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