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Vore Day (2015) by RubySnoot

Vore Day (2015)


Heheh, well it may be just a tad later in the evening, and the picture itself might be a bit rushed (working on the house has been a hassle; been hard to even get online for some chatter!), but I couldn't resist jumping in with the festivities for Vore Day~! I mean come on, you expect me to miss this~?

Anyway, a special day calls for a special treat, and this is a good one~! Welcome a good buddy of mine back into the picture, though this time it's his first meal! ...or rather, first time being a meal heh~ G-gotta admit, he was quite heavy going down and getting settled, but he's way too soft for his own good, and the feeling afterwards is more than enough to make up for the pounds gained heheh~ Also, we'll say that's caramel on my belly, because honestly that stuff is stupidly good!!

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves today, and if not, grab a nice big meal to treat yourself to tonight or tomorrow for a little late celebration! More art on its way once I'm settled in a bit more~!

(OHshit!! I accidentally disabled comments on the last one, sorry!!)

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    God you are so cute

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      Blushes Heheh t-thankyou thankyou man, happy you think so~!

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        I did draw you a while ago but I forgot to post it, so I'm probs just gonna do a sketchy today for you~