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Kamp's Camp Beach Day by RoY7x

Kamp's Camp Beach Day


So it seems fitting now that the summer is over, that the Kamp's Camp crew goes to the beach for our one last huzzah. This picture is a massive group pic of just a small selection of our discord server. But we none the less still couldn't be prouder to show off our wonderful group to everyone, and enjoy some sweet time together. Heck though, you could be apart of this too? Kamp's Camp is a open discord community thats at it's core about friends, hanging out, and caring for one another. And although we might also have some good love for paws, and other furry things, when it comes down to it, we're a family.

So here to my fellow furs and groupmates is a picture to commemorate and show just how close we are. And that we're still growing. Come check us out

Furs in order, from left to right, front to back (FA Usernames)
RainbowSparkle91 AnnaKimly VaporStrike blackie94 kampferwolf mtt3 RoY7x spencer Vyruem VaXen12 keiott guythreepwood argrath razim zoralink98 steviemaxwell chiefscarneck ren928 blockman3 pawfun ezdbud pichupal

Artwork to this massive piece was created by StyxandStoned (SFW/Painting account themoonslaughter) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show Styx some love, she's an amazing artist.

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