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Artist, video gamer, and comic book fan. Writer and artist of Gold Digger: Edge Guard, a seven issue comic book miniseries from Radio Comix, based on the characters of Gold Digger creator, Fred Perry. Artist on Unusual U #1-3, written by James Hanrahan, which came out in 2002. Also, contributed homoerotic comics to Sin Factory's Genus Male #2-5, and released a full comic through in 2005 called Game Boys Summer Special. Creator of furry persona Roxikat, he's a fan of hit movies and soundtracks, 80's hits and conventions. Avid gamer. Presently working at Target and fursuiting at the Delaware FurBowl bowling meets.

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More Roxikat!

Hello! I'm going to upload one of my Roxikat folios that I've felt odd about for a while because it didn't do well at the convention I made it for.

Anyway! I didn't really like the format in folders that automatically shows the last upload as first! How come? If someone submitted a comic, then they'd have to upload the last page first in order for it to appear in the folder in the right order! What a pain! What if it's ongoing?

Okay here goes! Going to submit the adult sketch comic I did called More Roxikat!

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    Hello there....I'm a old fan of your work...I'm happy found you here.

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    Thanks for the watch and the fav :)

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    Roxikat! Always glad to see ya. :3

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    I have seen your art arou d for the better part of 15 years and to have you watch me is an honor. You rock john/roxi and i too love getting into my character fully and making him really come to life. Us old school furs gotta teach these fukin young pups whats good!

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    Thank YOU for being an inspiration for so many years! <33

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    It's a Roxi-kitty! -wavie-flail-!

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    Thanks for watching me! ♫

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    Thanks for the faves Roxicat! Good to see you up and about here at Weasyl!!