Grin - Faces by Rowkey

Grin - Faces


23 January 2014 at 14:50:41 MST

Something current, ooh! Playing around with my gargoyle character, Gringoire, and trying out a more birdlike mouth shape for her this time 'round. I'll DO THINGS with these characters someday, I promise!

graphite, brush pen, and gel pen

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    These are great :D

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      Thank you! C:

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    GARGOYLES <3 lakdsjowai ahhh I love how you have the very long neck lksjdoia

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      Eee, thank you!! It seems like...every...single one of my characters has a long neck, so I was debating making hers shorter, but. Nah. :'D

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        X//d ahahah maybe future creations shall have the short neck

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    Aaaaa oh goodness these are some super cool shapes! I love like they really look like a gargoyle you could see on a building! I've been to the Notre Dame and they look like they could hide out with those!

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      !! Oh wow, am I ever jealous! It must've been breathtaking to visit a place with such an intricate history. c: Your compliment about these fitting in with the Notre Dame grotesques makes me very happy!

      My whole obsession with gargoyles started after a trip to Austria around 6 years ago. My group toured Stephansdom Cathedral's crypt and there was a small group of gargoyles 'in storage', just sitting there, staring up at the ceiling. It was amazing to see them up close like that (almost...creepy, as they were so out of context from their original locations), and I haven't looked back.

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        We went to Europe on an art trip before I graduated and Paris was one of our stops. It was full of all kind of artsy stuff and we got to go to a crypt as well. I have a postcard from it and used to know the name of it, but it's lost in a drawer somewhere. It didn't have any gargoyles in it, just skeletons.

        I hope to see more of your gargoyles!

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    Ohhh I love all your gargoyles so much. I love all the big shapes and that long neck, so beautiful.