Portrait - Reid by Rowkey

Portrait - Reid


21 May 2016 at 10:02:15 MDT

Portrait of Reid, a boreal owl, for Winters! Absolutely loved creating this...

MEDIA: Graphite with digital color, Photoshop CS6

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    Love the facial marking and it's really nice that you've managed to keep that traditional, textured look even with digital media

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      Thank you so much! :D I must admit, a great deal of this one was built upon graphite- here's the scanned traditional image. Making a finished/fully-rendered piece of work 100% digitally still feels so alien to me, ha!

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        I was kinda like " Woah, no one has commented/faved this yet?". I know that feel when you put a bunch of work into a peice only for it to go unnoticed. Then you stick up a lesser commission of a niche and all the fans pour out T-T

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    Love how tangible-looking your digital art is, and those rich browns are sublime.

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      Thank you very much. These days it's become a running gag of mine to use BROWN, ONLY EVER BROWN, it's such fun!

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        I don't blame you any though, browns are such a versatile color to use and illustrate with!

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    I'll fave just about anything you submit, and I'll fave just about anything that involves owls. But this guy's faintly smug, self-satisfied expression just makes this piece. Hilarious!