Rowdy by Tydrian by rowedahelicon

Rowdy by Tydrian


5 April 2017 at 18:09:53 MDT

OKAY SO HOLD UP. Story time.

This is a commission I bought from Tydrian Tydrian a little bit ago, I haven't had the time to upload it because I wanted to write this out. This picture is actually super special to me and I had to explain why! I don't normally get commissions for myself so that alone makes this special, but wait, there's more!

Let's go out of character for a second and focus on a young Rowdy, around...2010 maybe. I was boppin' around on Deviant art one day and I saw a picture of a really cute big eared fluff ball which I'd later come to know is a Crux. The picture in question was done by Tydrian! I thought is was super cute but it wasn't until I saw a different Crux drawn by Tydrian that made me go oh wow...I wonder what these are... This is that picture, btw...

So basically, I have to thank Tydrian for introducing me to Cruxes! And I've always always always wanted to get a picture of myself done by them, I just had been putting it off due to lack of money or them being closed, etc etc. But this year I FINALLY got it done!

So yes, this is me! And I'm super happy to say that the artist of this image is none other than...Tydrian

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