Hi there, I really like rats and doing art in general. Mostly I just kinda do whatever.

I enjoy trades a lot, so if you want to ask go ahead.



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Commissions Prices and Information

on 21 September 2016 at 16:41:03 MDT

I do keep this post updated
**[commissions: open]


  • Base prices are for single characters, but you may request more

  • Base prices are for characters from the waist up, however full body may be requested

  • NSFW is fine, I'm comfortable with most subjects please don't be afraid to ask

    Black&White $20
    Colored $30

Additional character + $10
Full Body + $10

(payment is through paypal only please)

Please private note if interested :)

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    ...and hello, super-expressive art! This calls for a follow in return. :>

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    Rooar! Your sketches are awesome :D and eye-catching :)
    Thank you for watching us ^_^

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      Woah wow, getting that compliment from you means a lot to me. Thank you!

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    Thanks for following me!

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      Oh my, yes of course! Your art is an inspiration

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    Thanks for the faves and the follow! =3

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      Gosh yeah! Your art is super cool and so expressive!