Second Serving - Chapter One by rourkie

Second Serving - Chapter One


22 September 2016 at 22:41:02 MDT

A young, chubby bunny named Kevin takes a wrong turn and gets lost in the city, only to find himself in front of a bakery in the gay district. Faced with having to decide between continuing on in the sweltering heat of an early summer's day, or seeking shelter in the inviting, air conditioned bakery, the choice is easy. But the simplest of decisions can lead to some big changes, as Kevin is about to find out.

IllaRouge IllaRouge and I often work together to write stories, but this is the first one that probably caters to most of my audience here. This is a slow-moving story, and though there will be quite a bit of weight gain (and a moderate amount of sex) by the end, the focus of this story is on the characters first. However, you know I can't stop myself when it comes to chubby bunnies, expect to see a lot more of Kevin in the coming future. -_^

We hope you enjoy this story as much as we are enjoying writing it.