Heart Attack & Strawberry Gashes - Pony Badges by Roum

Heart Attack & Strawberry Gashes - Pony Badges


16 January 2014 at 19:55:30 MST

Pony badges for myself and Sigil of our pony characters! ♥

Heart Attack belongs to Sigil
Strawberry Gashes & Art Copyright © Roum
Please do not copy, edit, or redistribute without permission.


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    I love these two characters, especially SGs hair it's so fun

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      Thank you! I think that SG's hair is my favorite part about her, haha.

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    really loved these almost bought one at AC last year but had to save whatever was left of funds to get home lol

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      Aaaw thank you; maybe next time I open up for em' you can snag one!