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Meowza by Roum



15 May 2017 at 20:13:09 MDT


Monthly themed Patreon image from 2016 featuring Roum!
I wish I could take the credit for putting him in such an awkward situation,
but my Patreon supporters were fully responsible for this one!

This was a Patreon exclusive image, but since my Patreon is no longer active I'll be uploading all of those images to my public galleries over time.
If you're a fan of my work and would like to help support me in other ways, I do have a tip jar! Art is my full-time and only job, so every bit helps. ♥

Roum & Art Copyright © Roum
Please do not copy, edit, or redistribute without permission.


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    Dear oh dear, what a situation.
    I love the blushy expression and bashful pose.
    Your art has always left a positive impression on me and I am happy to be able to see it again. ^^

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      Ahh thank you so much! ♥
      That makes me very happy to hear. ; w ;