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Need a badge? I got you covered! by Roum

Need a badge? I got you covered!


6 July 2015 at 21:04:16 MDT

A few examples of the types of badges that I'll be offering at Anthrocon this year! While this photo still doesn't do them justice, I feel like it shows off the colors a little bit better than the individual photos! Still can't properly capture the glittery bits, though. ;P

If you're interested in pre-ordering one of these for AC, go check out my journal here for prices and more info!

Nae belongs to RUDE / Lathe belongs to Basilisk
Vincent belongs to SuryaAsura / Roum & Art Copyright © Roum
Please do not copy, edit, or redistribute without permission.
If you enjoy my work & want to help support it, check out my Patreon!


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    Do you know if you are going to MFF? If you are, when it's closer to time, I'd love to grab a badge offa you

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      I'm not going to MFF unfortunately. :C The only con I've done so far is Anthrocon, but I hope to try branching out next year. I'd still be up for doing a badge for you though; it would just need to be mailed!

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        Cool! When it gets closer to that time (and I have more money, curse college ._.) I will probably get a hold of you again :3

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          Sounds good! :3