FoxGate Guy Interview PART 1 The Fox Service Animal Midwest by RottenEggCreations

FoxGate Guy Interview PART 1 The Fox Service Animal Midwest


29 December 2017 at 07:28:35 MST


:24 How nice the people and staff were, great con experience
1:20 called up about threats on social media, sheriff, refunded tickets,
3:10 first video
3:30 what is he trained to do?
4:00 border patrol ICE
4:40 cannot be a service animal
5:30 service dogs and allergy situations, and reason for a fox
6:54 First responder, search and rescue
8:00 ADA Legalize
8:50 The. . .Accident
9:20 the claims of "Claiming it was a Fennec fox"
11:20 The NONExistant Bite of 87
13:00 trained to avoid people
14:00 service dog in school
15:20 drag racing
16:30 Went to MFF for daughter & Fursuit in the Making
20:00 Complaints to Kansas DNA test
21:30 neighbors harassment
22:00 getting threats

Take away from this what you will. Time Stamps and link to part 2 below. As for my own investigation I contacted the ADA by phone, email and physical letter. I got no response to the letter yet but even after talking to a actual human being I can say with confidence that there is no answer at all if a fox could be or could not be a service animal. Biologically speaking yes Dogs are canine and foxes are lupus BUT they both fall under the Candide family. We could all go back and forth all day but eventually it would have to come down to lawyer up and taking it to court if it bothers you that much.
And second sure I understand criticisms but I don't understand this assumption of the worst intentions to the point it comes off as painting Fox Guy as some super villain plotting and torturing storm in a dungeon as if the animal is in some dire abusive home based on a few video clips where he looks nervous but not really to me. If you're one of those people calm your tits, their angry and they need to be calmed.

"Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually
trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities."
I understand scientifically speaking Lupus and Canine are different however they
both fall under the Canidae family, Considering there is no straight answer given to
me by the ADA then I'll go by that. We can go back and forth all day but someone
is going to have to pony up some proof someone would have to take it to a court
and someone is going to look like an idiot. I talked to a person at the ada and they
would not answer my question directly or respond to my follow up email this is
all they would direct me to.

ADA faq
Foxes as pets

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