CraftyAndy and Manga Inu Chan Marchosias Collaboration by RottenEggCreations

CraftyAndy and Manga Inu Chan Marchosias Collaboration


1 September 2017 at 19:03:30 MDT

I don't care about "stealing" my character to ppost or jack off to or whatever anyways here is a video about this little piece

See ManaInuChan here

Sarah Collaboration.
This is a quick little sketch I colored of my character Marchosias. I'm not going into ridicules amounts of back story of a character that has yet to have one but basically he's your loner vagabond type I've had story featuring him since high school that has evolved over the years to say the least. It is one of those things , I'm glad I waited for my skills to get better before I started to pursue such ideas. This is not even what he looks like anymore, this is more like it. I got tired of generic wolf or demon like characters and went more of a bull like figure.
This was another way to try and improve myself by making this monochromatic using only one color to draw it up.