Raiders, Crazy Letters, Deo, Foxler and Rocky Mountain Furcon by RottenEggCreations

Raiders, Crazy Letters, Deo, Foxler and Rocky Mountain Furcon


20 April 2017 at 04:52:23 MDT


Sorry I don't jump on bandwagons, you have to give me real reason to hate individuals and certain groups. People want to bitch about an armband while the group does nothing but exist and in the meantime Trump moves in on North Korea and drops bombs in Syria.
Another note plenty of people were lined up at "Chick fucking Fil A" at Furry Weekend Atlanta this year. You do know that company puts money into anti equal rights groups and campaigns still right? The unwillingness to hear facts is staggering, At best Foxler is guilty of leading people on who hold the false image, troll a loling them along for the ride. I don't agree with doing that though I see nothing wrong with leading on idiots all the same. That doesn't make him the villain other humans want him to be. People forget once again what a real nazi or racist believes and follows, it's a strict ideology like the SJWs seem to have when it comes to labeling people nazis. I am so done with this, even investigating this whole ordeal and getting something good to report was draining, I am going back to my show "CraftyArts" and posting fun videos because that's what we really need to do.
The only real article not titled as false click bait
Daily Beast
Furry Raiders FAQ
Journal regarding the convention closure
Dogpatch press article
A furry drawing their character punching another persons character suggesting physical assault is ok.


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    This. All of this.

    The way it stands, I see Furry Raiders as being just plain delusional and idiotic as to what an actual Nazi was like. Not unlike SJWs! x_x