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Expression Meme by Rotsuoy

Expression Meme


I needed this. I mean I really needed this.

I can have very horrible spans of dissociative depression where I just don't feel like myself. It's as if I know I'm depressed, sad, upset, or however I feel, but I just don't "feel" it. Almost like I'm watching myself think and feel that way. I can't look in the mirror or I see this horrible, ill, depressed, beautiful woman that I wish I could hold and comfort, and it just doesn't look like me- like that's just 'not' me...

When I draw an emotion, I have to feel it. I have to feel happy or feel sad or feel angry to actually be able to focus on how that feeling would look on the character I'm drawing. This helped me become a little more attached to my feelings and actually feeling them inside myself instead of outside.

Rotsuoy is a very expressive creature. When she expresses an emotion, she expresses it with her whole body, just like I do. I can't feel happy or feel sad or feel love without feeling it in all of my being. Some people call it intense, but I feel like that's just the dancing, singing artist inside me trying to put my feelings into unspoken words. <3

Also... if you've never had your mother give you the very look Rotsuoy is giving at the end, then you just won't get it. Hehe!

Oh! If someone can tell me where to find the original I would love to link it. I have no idea where this came from and credit is due to the original creator!

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    Ahh, interesting. I am glad that this practice helped you out, that there was something you could do for yourself. On the same token, you created something others can enjoy! At least I do. I rather like expressive things and your character is really fun.

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    Dat subby look hehehe

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      Yeeeeah... Rotsuoy's not a particularly submissive creature. It doesn't come naturally for me, so it really doesn't come naturally for her. It was a bit of a challenge to create. Heh.

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        Wouldn't mind to to have a subby rotsuoy tho pokes the fluffbutt's nose

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    My mother has had that look....It was so long ago I don't get it anymore...