Blaziken by Rotarr



29 November 2014 at 15:22:36 MST

I don't feel so well, so all i could do today was doing this quick fanart of Blaziken, because this bird kicks ass and I love the new Pokemon Games.

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    Ah i wish i can play this game soon

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      It's christmas soon ^_^

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    I need to wait for after christmas to buy it >< But Blaziken was my favourite Starter (it almost every time is the fire starter ^^) You did great on it :D
    (And this is so much more than a sketch, I think ^^)

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      I ALWAYS take the fire starter, in every game so far XD I'm just a fire type i guess.
      But this time i actually took the plant starter, to try something new (and...i actually regret it, since I'm a weak player and just need brutal strength to win...Sceptile needs a bit more taktic eyeroll)

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        The only time I took the grass starter was in Black because I thought the snake was cooler than the fire-pig but next to that, I've always took the fire one x3 Can't handle plants either xD Fire is often just harder to train

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          Plants have more weaknesses against other types then Fire and Water :c
          But anyway. Yeah. I didn't play the version with the firemonkey. But i loved the final evolution of the firepiggy XD it's so fat and badass 8D (but the snake one was more elegant, yeah nods)

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    Best bird <3