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Halloween Commission "Jack-o-Lantern" by Rotarr

Halloween Commission "Jack-o-Lantern"


18 October 2014 at 01:37:26 MDT

So here have a Halloween-Commission for Solidthedragon in jack-o-lantern theme XD
I kinda went crazy with the colors a bit...that's like the opposite of dark. Halloween is strange XD

Character © by   solidthedragon

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    This is fantastic! I love the overly large jagged smile on the pumpkin on the left hand side, really helps to give it a feel of being alive, and laughing, very spooky stuff! The wings with the extra claw near the top are spot on, and the gradient colours on the inside are very well done, I love the purples that you chose to use, it all transitions very smoothly. The way you made the collar look far more chunky thank the neck is also a lovely touch, too many artists just make it look the same size as the rest of the neck like it fuses into it, its nice to see someone draw it more like a collar would actually be, many people may not notice but I think it shows a fantastic attention to detail. The build on his arms of showing muscle tones and definitions but not making him look bulky is really great, so many people cannot seem to find a nice balance between very lanky and very built when it comes to male furs, and you've got it spot on here. The flicks in the hair, the shine, the white outline on the muzzle all really help with the overall expression on the face and work really well, again subtle details but really help it come together, the text at the bottom is also really well integrated, I love everything about this, and your work is truly fantastic <3

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      Oh! Thank you for that detailed comment :) I'm glad you like it and you see so many small good things about it! I really needed some kind words right now ~ Just slipped out of an artblock :)

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        Oh gosh! art block can really be the worst, im sorry to hear about that, but im glad your out of it now! I always find the best way out is just to keep drawing and soon you click back into your normal work, and no no its fine! I love to leave long comments when I have the time, I know it can brighten an artists day to hear how there work looks good, and that is does, and it makes me feel good to compliment other artists and share the love as it were :D

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    Never a bad time for pumpkins!