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Hero of Blood/War - Broadway Karkat by RosieWrightworth

Hero of Blood/War - Broadway Karkat


20 January 2014 at 12:26:30 MST

Warning for strong language because Karkat.
dA description:
"So this is a parody of Hero of War by Rise Against from Karkat's point of view. I wasn't sure whether to call it Hero of War or Hero of Blood, so I derpily compromised. :P Anyways, not sure who 'he' is in this song...could be Hussie, could be Lord English, could be...IDK, Doc Scratch, even. Interpret it however you like. I also would like to note that 'indited' is not a misspelling of 'indicted'. Look it up.

Yes, I know I should be writing requests, but I just...can't, for some reason. Inspiration doesn't just happen, you know? Sorry guys. XP

I used 'grub' as a replacement for 'son'. We all know how that goes, what with troll relationships and whatnot. It just didn't seem right to leave 'son' in there when it's a troll singing. Sorry if it seems awkward or doesn't make sense. I tried. I also considered trying to shove more curse words in there, just didn't work out that way. Whatever, it's good enough. Deal with it. X3

B2 is the universe their meteor lands in, BTW. I was looking for a good name for it so I could fit it into the song. And yes, this means that this song is dated. Again, deal with it.

Condesce and pet - The Condesce (duh >w<) and evil Dog Tier Jade. It worked out quite nicely. owo

To the guy who sings the Broadway Karkat songs: I would like to politely request that, should you ever read this, you would consider making a recording of this. Just a thought. :3

That's all I can think of at the moment. Enjoy. :D

EDIT: Jut found out the two people who sang the Broadway Karkat songs are no longer in contact with each other...;-; My dreams have been crushed. But...I'm gonna keep writing these parodies anyway...X3"

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