Farsmouth Nights - Kongtian by rosetti

Farsmouth Nights - Kongtian


23 January 2019 at 17:29:17 MST

A scene from my DnD game. Excerpt from the chapter 9 epilogue:

Kongtian is the Marl equivalent of the new year. Meaning ‘the empty day’, it is the one day of the year not ascribed to a month, and has combined elements of the old arrian winter festival with the jingese new year to create a holiday celebrated the world over.

Kongtian comes during your period of rest, but inevitably the pub will be busy; people will meet and dine and laugh and reflect on what has been for your enterprise a very busy year. Dismantling a criminal underworld, withstanding a high profile demonic raid on the city, corrupt corporations falling at your feet, facing down reawakened terrors; certainly your group has accomplished a lot in its first year.

Upon the roof of the goblin, with fireworks heralding in the new year all around: from around the high-rises behind your pub, to before you over the winter-still bay of city, surrounded by partners, friends, there’s the lingering feeling there’s more to come.

Whatever comes next, you’ll be facing it down. Together.

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