Booty Roo Vacation by Roozard

Booty Roo Vacation


26 April 2015 at 23:55:27 MDT

Roo may be scared out of his fluffs by water, but the sound of the waves is always relaxing, and being as fat and lazy as Roo can be he decided it's time for a vacation~ Though at the rate he has been eating I doubt his trunks and bra will fit too much longer!

Absolutely wonderful gift / collaboration / commission thanks to Kai, for being sweet enough to buy me the sketch of the picture from Gecko. And Gecko for allowing me to upgrade it to a full picture and do some of the colors myself~

Kai bought the Sketch
Gecko did the linework, shading, background, and apparel.
Roozard And I did the rest, not much but I colored my Roo in~