Making A Bed For the Mistress - Pt.1 by Roozard

Making A Bed For the Mistress - Pt.1


19 March 2015 at 17:05:07 MDT

Drawn by the wonderful: Toby

Paid for by a sweethearted puppy: Eddy

Origional: Here.

So Toby decided that she wanted a Queen Sized waterbed to relax on, and her being my Mistress and all, I was more than happy to offer my services~ Looks as if she's looking for something quite a bit larger though to take a nap on, let the filling continue!


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    Man, that is one huge hose! How'd you get it to fit?

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      I have no clue, Toby probably has 'em lying around somewhere~ But it does a lovely job of filling a Roo ^w^

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        There's something oddly comfortable about having a tube crammed up your bum. X3

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          Hehe, agreed~ uwu